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How Much Does It Cost To Clean An Apartment?

Nov 7

How Much Does it Cost To Clean An Apartment?

How much does it set you back to clean your apartment? It all depends on the size of your apartment, what you want cleaned and the quality of your cleaning service. You will pay more for a heavy-duty or deep cleaning service.

We have some information to help you understand the costs of cleaning an apartment.

An hourly rate is an important question to ask when you are looking for reliable apartment cleaning companies. Because there are so many factors that influence the pricing of your project, it can be difficult for you to answer this question. Our analysis will begin with a look at how long it takes to clean a one-bedroom apartment. We then use that information to estimate the hourly charge.

The prices that companies charge their customers

- Some companies may charge higher rates if they are forced to move or use more equipment. For example, an SUV or lift is more expensive than two people working on ladders or scrubbing tools.

The less you keep your rental property in your possession, the lower the rent per day.

- The terms, conditions and contract describe in writing how often you can expect to have a cleaning staff at your property. They also detail what they will do during each visit.

If your account is located further than their offices or equipment, there could be additional travel costs. This hourly rate is separate from any other charges that may be incurred due to work not included within the original price quote.

- The cleaning price will vary depending on the area, the property size, or the condition.

Many companies offer an estimate for free so that you can budget your home-improvement projects according to how much time you have.

- Apartment cleaners can also do a carpet or window wash on-site, which is a bonus!

How much is the hourly rate of apartment cleaning?

Your house cleaning costs can range from $20-$50 an hour depending on your location, how much work it takes and who is doing it. The amount of time they need to work and what tasks they'll complete in your home will impact the cost of hiring a housecleaner. The cost of cleaning a room may be as low as $40 to 80 depending on where you live. However, it will still cost approximately an hour to clean the entire property. You may need to hire multiple cleaners for larger homes.

Cleaning an Apartment Filthy

The simple answer to this question is that it depends on the condition of your apartment. Cleaning can be either very inexpensive or very costly depending on the work required and the company you hire. If you live in an apartment, hiring a professional cleaner is likely to cost more than if it were done yourself. While it might seem daunting to hire someone else to clean your home, you may find that they are more willing and able than you to wash dishes, scrub floors, wipe down countertops, and so on.

It is possible to look at the cost of hiring a cleaner for an hour or per hour. It may be less expensive to hire someone to clean your home, but it will probably cost you less. This is why it is often more cost-effective for people with busy schedules. There are many types of cleaning services available. Prices will depend on what you need. Do appliances need cleaning? Are there any dust bunnies on surfaces? No one opens windows, etc. An apartment inspection is the best way to get an accurate estimate.

Apartment Cleaners

Do you have a lot more square feet than you need to clean in an apartment? Do you prefer an all in one cleaning service that includes everything: dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing and changing sheets in your guest bed to washing the bathroom floor? How many bathrooms are you going to need cleaned each week. This blog post can help you answer these questions. We have broken down what it costs to professionally clean an apartment. This is done in three categories: small (upto500 sq ft), medium (550 - 1000 sq.ft), as well as large (greater 1000 sq.ft) apartments.

What is the best way to estimate how much it would cost to clean an entire apartment?


First, we will need information about the size and layout of your apartment. The average hourly rate for a 2 bedroom apartment is $60, and for 4 bedrooms, it's $90. Perhaps you are wondering if there is a cheaper way to clean my house. It is possible to clean your house for a fraction of the cost, but it won’t provide as much quality or efficiency as hiring an experienced company. Depending on the work involved, multiple hours may be required. This is because most companies charge per hour, not their employee’s wages. From a light dusting to full-blown carpet steam cleaning, we can handle it all.

Types of Services

How much cleaning is needed, what are the exact requirements, and other factors such any extra fees or problems. For small studio apartments, the hourly rate averages between $50-$80. For larger apartments or more challenging cleaning tasks, expect to pay an average of $100-$150 an hour. If anything goes wrong during the cleaning, depending on the extent of damage, additional costs may apply. For more information, see our FAQ section. There is an additional charge for specific items, such a steamer or carpet cleaner, which will impact the overall cost of cleaning an apartment.

The area in need of cleaning (Additional charges)

Based on the size of the apartment, the average cost for this service can be between $50-$100+. If something goes wrong, or if you need to redo the entire process (e.g., windows damaged), it will cost an additional fee. To avoid any major problems down the line, ensure that all documentation is complete before we begin to work.

It won't cost you much to have two cleaners do a simple task like dusting and vacuuming. Because companies charge for time, and not wages, most companies charge per hour for larger or more complicated jobs.

Bedroom that Needs Clean

One Bedroom Apartment Cleaning Costs

* One-bedroom apartment cleaned for $100-200 It is best to have a deep-clean done every six months, or twice per year. The cost of your service depends on many factors including the size and extra services offered by the cleaning company or team. Prices vary greatly between areas. To prepare an estimate, many cleaners provide free estimates using square footage measurements. Review sites are a great place to start your research before hiring a professional.

Two Bedroom Apartment Cleaning Prices

A two-bedroom apartment can cost anywhere from $120-$250. This will depend on how much work must be done in each space and if there is a staircase. A deep clean should always be done at the least twice a calendar year.

Three bedroom apartment cleaning prices

These particular sizes of apartments are usually covered by $200-$350 with two bathrooms. Although cleaning services can be affordable for those with 3 or less bedrooms, the prices will go up if there are 4+ bedrooms. Many companies offer discounts if you book multiple appointments in one day/weekend. Each company may have different prices or additional fees for moving, carpet cleaning, and other services. Make sure you read the details before you accept an estimate.

Four Bedroom Apartment Cleaning Prices

A four-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom is going to cost you between $275-$450. This is in comparison to larger units. Professional cleaners are required to give special attention to each room depending on their size. They will clean all corners and crevices, dust the frames of furniture, and clean out any other areas that may not be obvious. These carpets can become very dirty because they are used by many people every day.

Five+ bedroom apartment cleaning prices

An average quote from most companies is between $350-$550 for a five- and more-bedroom unit. This makes it less expensive than having several one bedroom apartments cleaned at once. A lot of cleaners offer discounts if you book multiple appointments during an ongoing promotional. However, special offers can change depending on the season and public demand. Some apartment building owners may require extra parking spot cleaning, trash collection from common areas, or other additional services.

Calculate The Cost of Cleaning An Apartment

We will calculate how much it would cost once we have an idea of the apartment's size and scope, the type of service required and any additional charges. Standard cleaning includes dusting, floor cleaning, and sanitizing stairs. For a full cleaning of your apartment, including the exterior wash, trash pickup, mopping and floor washing, depending on the size of your room, the standard service will cost between $170-$200.

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