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The Benefits of Split-System AC Installation

Apr 26
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If a central air conditioning system is too much for you, then you might want to go for a split-system AC installation Searcy, AR. It’s easy to select split-system AC units, especially if you have small space and want an efficient yet affordable air cooling system.

Compact and Space-Saver!

Split-System air conditioning units are huge space-saver and can fit into small apartments or condos. So, if the central AC is a bit overwhelming for your small space, the split system would fit in just right. 


Split AC installation Searcy, AR is less expensive than the other systems. You get to save more on space and cash at the same time. 

Quiet Operation

If you don’t like loud AC units and prefer silent operation, then the split-system air conditioner is a great fit. It’s ideal for homeowners who have babies or working from home who would prefer a quiet and calm space for the family.

Aesthetically Pleasing

If you are looking for a classy AC unit, this definitely fits the requirement. It’s not chunky or extremely huge as it can easily blend well with your existing furniture. 

Convenient and Easy to Install

Split-sytem AC units are also very convenient to install as they do not require elaborate ductwork to get the job done. Split-system AC would only need a power connection that links to the thermostat and a separate connection to the AC. If you buy a new model, it would usually have built-in temperature control and dehumidifiers that help keep your space less humid and comfortable. 

Provides Both Cooling and Heating 

If you want the best of both worlds, then the split-system AC installation Searcy, AR fits you perfectly. This is perhaps one of the best features of using this design. The AC unit has individual refrigerants for both heating and cooling. 

The evaporator has three components that include the evaporator, heat exchanger, and heat-water fluid. The evaporator’s job is to extract the heat from the air and push that towards the heat exchange fluid. The heat exchanger would be the component that separates the heat from the cold water supply. The cooled water is then pushed to the indoor unit to provide that cool and relaxing ambiance.

Types of Split-System AC Systems


With this type, you have to manually control the room temperature by opening the ducts if you want to absorb the warm air through the lower vents and let the cool air spread into the upper vents. If you want to add more moisture into the air, all you have to do is open the upper vents. 


New split-system AC types are paired with a ductless thermostat to help you manage room temperature using remote control. If you are looking for convenience, ease, and flexibility, then this option is the best way to go with AC installation Searcy, AR. 

Shopping for the Best AC Model?

If you are overwhelmed with the truckload of options but know exactly the features you’re looking for, then working with expert and certified AC installation technicians from Noland Heat & Air can help you come up with the best decision on your AC installation Searcy, AR.

Many homeowners swear by the advantages that a split system has in store for its users. From the flexibility, convenience, elegant design, price, quiet operation, and performance – every single feature is worth the price. For an extensive range of air conditioning services at a very affordable price, contact them now to book an appointment and their professional AC technicians are ready to serve you 24/7!