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Apr 30

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A locksmith needs to determine what kind of safe is the best fit for your business or home and the most ideal fit for the items you’re planning to store. They need to plan where to install it in order that it’s most secure against the efforts of potential burglars or unforeseen hazards like fire and flooding.

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Visit us online or contact us to learn more about our services and pricing, and get the most out of your safe with Palmer Lock and Key..

Locks are a significant part of a comprehensive strategy for protecting your possessions, your loved ones, and your home. Locks are an important investment that if made properly, will provide years of protection. Cutting corners on security is never a good idea. Resist the temptation of purchasing cheap or inferior locks.

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Lower quality locks tend to contain cheaper materials that allow the manufacturer to cut costs. Most of the locks found in big box stores are not manufactured with quality being of primary concern, as is evidenced by their price point. You might be asking, “Where then, would I find high quality locks?” The answer is: Precision Lock & Safe, Inc.

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High quality bolts and latches (the parts that come out of the door from the knob and deadbolt) are solid brass, with the bolts having hardened steel pins to prevent sawing. Lower quality deadbolts are made of pot metal, which is easily sawed through. High quality locks come with reinforced strike plates (the part on the frame side of the door) and long screws while the lower quality counterparts do not.

Though it may take extra time, it protects the frame of the door from being compromised in the event of an attempted forced entry. Many people believe that because they have a burglar alarm they do not need the best locks or even properly working locks. Alarms should be used in conjunction with locks, not as a replacement.

Fire safes offer protection from fire, and are to be used to protect important papers and documents, but offer little or no burglary resistance. Many home fire safes are sold by big box stores and uninformed locksmiths giving people a false sense of security from theft. These fire safes can be forced open by a burglar in under 5 minutes.

In addition, some burglary safes also have fire protection. Most safes found in homes are light enough to be carried out by a burglar with a hand truck or a partner. A safe offers zero protection if it can be just carried out. What it does offer to the burglar though if not bolted down is a convenient location of many of the valuables in the house.

Bolting should be done preferably into concrete, wood as a distant second choice. If all this sounds like a lot of work and too much trouble, remember this: there is convenience and there is security. There is no convenient security! Every 13 seconds a home is burglarized. More than 50% of all residential break-ins occur through a first floor door, less then 25% occur through a window.

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If you’ve lost a key to your property, we can create new keys for you. No one wants to feel stranded. That’s why we’re always here to help. If you’re not locked out in some way and are looking for local locksmith services, you can still call us! Do you need a duplicate set of keys for your house? We can do that.

Safes provide what looks like a fortress protecting your valuables, but what if your safe is protecting against you? You may have inherited jewelry safe and don’t know the combination, you bought an old, rusty floor safe at auction and can’t get inside, or you just forgot the combination for your home safe.

Solving Mysteries and Resolving Conflicts What’s inside a safe can be the subject of curiosity, or it could be causing conflict. It could also just be the last copy of mom’s cookie recipe. A safe locksmith provides a professional way to access the contents, perform a safe combination change, or get into an electronic keypad safe lock when you’ve lost the key.

Hopefully, you’re preparing early when you go to check your guns for the season and you find out that nobody has the combination anymore — you need us for safe opening. We’ll come to your place if you need us to bolt down your safe and we specialize in American made gun safes.

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If you don’t have a place to secure your firearms yet or are looking for a larger unit, we provide safe service and installation as well. Do You Need a New Home Safe, or Does Your Existing Safe Need Servicing? We can service and maintain your safe at home, whether it’s a wall safe, floor safe, bolt down, or cheap home safe.

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Tarrant County Lock & Safe has been in the locksmith business since 1990. Over the years we have become respected experts and masters at our trade. Our company provides service for Safes, Residential, Commercial and Automotive. Whether you need the locks on your home rekeyed or changed, your business locks changed or rekeyed, new locks installed, or a lock repaired on your home, business, or safe..locksmith for sentry safe low rate locksmith Sacramento CA near me


DFW Safe Services: Our safe moving specialists professionally move safes in Fort Worth, Dallas and all over the DFW Metroplex and beyond. Every safe we move or relocate, we treat it and the home or business like it is our own. We also go to great lengths to protect your floors from damage.

Change safe combinations. Hinge adjustments. Preventative maintenance service. Removal & disposal of bank safes and safe deposit boxes. New Amsec safe sales, delivery and installation. Unwanted safes removed and hauled off. We move safes and relocate safes of all sizes. We also pickup, deliver and install safes that you purchase elsewhere.

Onsite welding repairs on safes. We can convert electronic safe locks to dial locks and vice versa.

Learn about the reasons why a safe may not open and how a locksmith can work around these challenges. Why is the Combination Safe Not Opening? When a homeowner or business manager has problems opening a combination safe it can be stressful, but don’t panic or begin taking drastic measures that could damage the lock mechanism.

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Forgotten Combination If you simply can’t remember the combination for the safe, take a break. It may seem like useless advice, but sometimes, if you divert your attention to another task for a short period, the thing you are trying to remember will suddenly return. You should also check with anyone who has access to the safe to be sure they have not changed the combination.