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Things To Keep Watch On Your AC System

May 28

ac maintenanceMake fun summer memories with a good working air conditioning system to keep you cool and comfortable indoors, even in this blazing hot season. Temperatures are rising, which means you need AC maintenance Esparto, CA right away! 

With heavier use, you’d also expect frequent AC issues. To keep your home indoor air quality healthy and relaxing, then now is the perfect time to start with AC tune-ups to ensure that your AC is summer-ready! 

Here is an AC maintenance checklist to keep you in the loop of what you need to keep watch on your air conditioning system.

Filter Replacement

One of the most common problems that result in air conditioning failure is clogged filters. In fact, a lot of HVAC issues are linked to dirty filters because the entire AC system will have to work extra harder to pull in air. Depending on your air conditioning usage, it’s recommended to perform AC maintenance Esparto, CA on a monthly basis or preferably once every three months if you are frequently using your AC. 

So, if your intake covers are caked with dust, then the filters would most likely be clogged. AC maintenance will help reduce the likelihood of frequent breakdowns and will also prevent major costly repairs from happening. 

Cleaning the Condensers and Compressors

Exterior condensers and compressors should be kept clean because it stores the refrigerant that powers up your HVAC system. Once debris accumulates into the condenser coils and compressor, the AC could fail or stop working. It also causes your system to work harder, resulting in higher cooling bills.

You don’t want any of these surprises, especially in the hot summer months, so maintenance of the air conditioner is definitely a must on your to-do list. 

Inspect Air Ducts

Some air ducts could be clogged or have holes that can lead to AC failure. As the air ducts are quite complicated to handle, this problem can be one of the most neglected tasks when troubleshooting air conditioning issues. Damage to your air conditioner can be caused by factors such as the following:

  • Condensation or leaks resulting in water damage
  • Pest infestation
  • Corrosion
  • Accidental damage to ducts

Check Refrigerant Tubes

The air conditioning system will have these small refrigerant tubes that extend from the compressor to the AC unit. These small tubes are responsible for transporting the AC system’s refrigerant that regulates your home temperature. 

AC maintenance helps detect any potential problems to help avoid refrigerant leaks. If the AC leaks, then your air conditioning system fails. 

Check Evaporator Coils

Inspect your evaporator coils for any clogs or debris buildup. If your air conditioning system seems less cool than usual or may have unstable temperature levels causing discomfort, your evaporator needs to be cleaned or checked immediately. 

Schedule AC Maintenance Today!

This basic AC maintenance checklist helps you quickly detect air conditioning problems even if you are not an expert. While the cleaning part can be easy to DIY, it always pays to go to expert AC technicians who can provide basic tune-ups and also help address small problems before it becomes much worse and result in overwhelming repair expenses. 

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