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Why Your Home Thermostat Fails

Jun 13

AC repairWhen your home becomes less comfortable, or your energy bills suddenly go up, or your AC repair Modesto CA becomes costly, what’s the first thing you often blame? We bet it’s your air conditioning system!


Yes, air conditioners are often the leading cause of poor comfort and increased utility costs, but did you know there’s another? It’s your thermostat! This device and your AC work hand in hand to regulate indoor temperature and meet your cooling demands.


Read on to know the top five (5) reasons why your thermostat fails:

Incorrect Placement 

The way your thermostat works will sometimes depend on where it is placed. The better the placement, the more effective it does its job. Thermostats placed near heat-emitting home appliances or directly hit by sunlight can cause incorrect temperature readings. It is advised to put your thermostat in an area where its proper operation won’t be affected. You can ask your local technician about this. 


If you encounter all these problems with your thermostat, make sure to fix them immediately. Simple issues can be done through DIY works, but major issues involving AC repair Modesto CA should be taken to professionals. 


Loose Connections

Your thermostat might fail to regulate the temperature inside your living space if it has aging wiring or a loose connection. No matter how compelling your air conditioning system is, you may not be able to enjoy it when your thermostat doesn’t do its job well. So if your thermostat has loose connections, then better call your local technician to get a professional repair. You might also want to schedule an AC repair Modesto CA to ensure your unit operates without any trouble.


Dirty Components

Dirt in your thermostat can build up over time. When you leave your device uncleaned for an extended period, it might run faulty and cause an erratic operation. Cleaning the device is a task you can do yourself. Just grab a piece of a soft brush, remove the cover of the thermostat, and clean its interior components. Make sure to do it regularly for smoother thermostat operation. 


Old Thermostat 

Like your home air conditioning system that requires AC repair Modesto CA, your thermostat also gets aged and tired after several years of service. When it is old, it can no longer do the job it is designed for. So before your thermostat breaks down due to aging, make sure to shop around for a new device that fits your cooling system. The best upgrade would be switching to a programmable or smart thermostat. These devices can help you save energy with better temperature control and smart operations. 


Power Problems

Is your air conditioning system not consistent when blowing cool air? Power issues on your thermostat can be the leading cause of this. Be sure to change the battery or check its switch. Someone inside your home might have mistakenly turned off the power switch, thinking it is a light switch. Also, check your circuit breaker and fuse to fix the power problems. If none of this works, call the experts for an inspection or AC repair Modesto CA as the unit itself might be the problem. 

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