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Are Crawl Space Cleaning Services Worth It?

Jul 21

Are crawl space cleaning services worth it? Imagine that your crawlspace is the "gut of your household. Like our bodies 'gut health is crucial to maintaining the health of our body and mind and the care of the crawl space in your home is essential to keeping a safe and healthy family. Here are the reasons you must keep your crawl space tidy.


No one likes hearing the word"mold". It can be harmful to our health if it is left untreated. Allergy sufferers have an increased sensitivity to mold, making them more susceptible to health issues. When people think of mold, they usually imagine black mold, but did you be aware that not all mold that is black is actually black mold, and that specific kinds of molds that appear innocent in appearance are actually among the most dangerous? 

The growth of mold is triggered by humidity and decaying matter. This is why crawl spaces are ideal conditions for mold to flourish due to the fact that moisture, as well as dead organic matter, are prevalent in these areas. The typical homeowner of today lives in a house with an open venting crawl space. That means that there are vents leading to as well as out of their crawl space, starting from the home's foundation. This concept was originally designed in the hopes of drawing fresh air to circulate around the inside of a house. 

While the concept was this fresh, circulated air could help to reduce moisture however, it actually created the opportunity to do so. When the air outside of your home is warm and circulates around the air beneath your house which is naturally cooler, condensation occurs. The condensation happens due to piping or wood surfaces, as well as other items that reside within the crawl space, providing the ideal breeding ground for the growth of mold. Together with dead organic matter, such as insects, mold is able to produce everything it requires to grow and cause problems. Maintaining and cleaning your crawl spaces to prevent this from happening is worth the effort!

Structural Damage

Since most people don't enter the crawl space, it is possible for water to may remain stagnant for long durations. This can be dangerous since water can eat away at wooden beams which are the primary support for your home. If the foundational framework becomes damaged, serious damage may result. In addition to the stagnant water and moisture that cause structural damage, it can also attract unwanted visitors. 

Termites rank at the very top of the list of insects that enjoy munching on wood that is deteriorating. As with many other bugs, have been drawn to wood that is rotting because not only do they possess more water for them to drink and drink, but they also get into the decaying wood and produce eggs. Additionally, when insects such as termites have invaded the structure of the wood of your home significant damage has been caused. Find out more about crawlspace restoration and repair.

Fallen Insulation

Insulation protects your home against hot and cold weather. For the crawl space, it is important to have insulation put in place underneath your flooring (the roof that covers your crawlspace) to protect your flooring free of heat in the winter months and to keep cool temperatures during hotter seasons. If you're beginning to find that your floors appear less cool as usual and you've taken every precaution to ensure that there aren't any furnace issues the insulation might have fallen off the roof in your crawl space. This could happen if your crawl space has been the home of rodents and other wild animals that are using the insulation to nest or simply chewing on the insulation. 

Once they've settled in the crawlspace, they'll seek out a spot to stay warm and dry and nesting material for their young. You might even begin to smell odd because animals and rodents living inside your insulation will pee and feces in the insulation. When insulation is used for living and deteriorating over time, it can eventually break down and eventually fall off. Similar to water, the fall of insulation isn't something that you're likely to see unless you look at your crawl space frequently, and making regular checks to keep your crawlspace neat and tidy is essential to avoid problems like this.


Infestations can be a homeowner's nightmare! It's difficult enough to know that insects are able to move from our homes, but to know that critters are also able to take over our homes is a lot to bear. At the point of taking note, it's already late. Preventing the possibility of this happening will be well worth the peace and security we enjoy in our homes. Mice and rats can squeeze into small spaces, which is why it's essential that homes are regularly inspected for tiny cracks and entry points on the exterior of your home. Vents may wear down with time, and if the animal is desperate to get inside, they'll try everything to gain access. 

A regular check of the perimeter of your home will let you know whether your home is equipped with entry points for animals to access through. Examining your crawl space will allow you to check whether you have any activity, and could allow you to view entrance points from a different perspective. It's not long for rodents to begin to appear and even small animals like raccoons can be extremely aggressive once they've had their babies. The ability to stay one step ahead of the game is an advantage for homeowners and should be taken advantage of.

Air Quality

It is known that between 40 and 60 percent of the air you breathe in the home comes from circulated air that comes from your crawl space, which is why you should think of how important it is to ensure that your crawlspace is well-maintained. Inhaling bad air could have negative consequences for those who live in the home, particularly when any of them are suffering from allergic reactions. If your crawl space goes without being checked, the chance of mold spores, bacteria caused by stagnant water or animal feces, or even the fecal matter that is left behind by dust mites could develop. 

These particles could be absorbed into the air you breathe making it imperative to keep it clean by routine inspections is well worthwhile time and effort. The installation of the vapor barrier is recommended as it helps to protect the crawl space from the moisture that comes into it, acting as a seal between the crawl area to your house. Cleanliness in your crawl space can dramatically improve the quality of air inside your home and help keep you breathing fresh air! If you're able to see the advantages of cleaning your crawl space, it's time to do the effort to keep it clean.

A professional's help could be exactly what you're looking for to get going. If you require the crawl space to be checked and/or cleaning, contact our team to finish the job!

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